In light of the stay-at-home directive by Gov. Wolf, our staff will continue working remotely to deliver online learning for our students. Students and families can visit our Family Portal for additional info and learning opportunities.

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April 24, 2020

Friday, April 24 Freire Charter Middle School

Pop out of the Box Programming Starting May 4!

Welcome to our new online learning program! The staff and Teaching Artists at POP have been working hard creating some pretty awesome programming for our students, and we are excited to get it rolling. In a nutshell, here’s what we will be offering:

Core programming for all grade levels – twice a week for 45 minutes

Specialty Workshops that happen only one time – don’t miss these!

  • Practicing at Home
  • Hangout with your instrument family!
  • A Listening Salon – things you never knew about music
  • A concert by your TAs
  • and A final Jubilee Celebration – Everyone should register for this one!


You can sign up for as many classes and workshops as you would like. All of the learning is happening through the online video conferencing app Zoom. We hope you and your students will be able to join us for these creative ways to engage with music during this time.

Please Register for your classes here!

In order for us to have a good sense of who is interested in what class and to help us plan for classroom management, we are asking that you register for these classes using this portal on our website. You will find any supplemental materials here that you might need for the class, as well as a detailed description of the classes. Remember that these classes are available to your student AND to you! This is a unique opportunity for you to get a hand’s on sense of what we do at POP. We would love to have you!

And now for something a little silly, but lots of fun: Making Music with Brooms

In the spirit of making music at home, have you ever asked yourself what is music? Or what is art? Well, art and music are all around us, sometimes in ways we may not even realize. Check out this group, STOMP, who is making incredible music with brooms! They have other videos where they make music with just their hands, hose pipes, or even a box of matchsticks. Click on the link above and watch the broom video. Notice how they can make the brooms louder and softer depending on which part of the broom they use to hit the ground. This is called “dynamics” in music: loud and soft. After you have watched the video, go grab your broom and see what kind of music you can come up with – or try and play along with the guys on the video. Send Ms. Anna a video of you rocking out on your broom to your favorite music!