In light of the stay-at-home directive by Gov. Wolf, our staff will continue working remotely to deliver online learning for our students. Students and families can visit our Family Portal for additional info and learning opportunities.

POP Virtual Summer

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We’re creating music. We’re building community. We’re inspiring action. Join us for Play On Philly Virtual Summer, our web-based summer experience for rising 1st through 12th grade students. There’s something for everyone, and we hope that you’ll join us.

Add your voice by composing music, writing poetry and making art that is by, and for, our community. You have something to share and we want to hear it!

Read on for summaries of the course offerings. In order to maximize engagement, students should attend a package of core classes, workshops and performances. Complete details, dates, and times can be found on our registration page.

Classes begin on Monday, July 6th, and end on Friday, July 31st. All times listed are Eastern Standard Time. 

Core Classes

Core Classes

Summer Virtual participants should sign-up for their core class, broken down by age group.

  • Rising 1st – 4th graders will explore their musical, artistic and literacy skills through the collaborative creation of a virtual story book. To accommodate for a variety of family needs, morning and afternoon classes will be offered.
  • Rising 5th-12th graders will compose a piece of music in collaboration with their POP Teaching Artist and guest artist, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame producer, Kerwin Young.

Dust off your instruments! Upper intermediate and advanced students will also have the opportunity to record and be featured in a virtual orchestra performance at the Summer Showcase on July 31st.

Core Class Schedule:

  • Rising 1st-2nd Grade: M/W/F, 10-10:30am or 3:30-4pm (select either the morning or afternoon time slot)
  • Rising 3rd-4th Grade: M/W/F, 10:30-11am or 4-4:30pm (select either the morning or afternoon time slot)
  • Rising 5th-7th Grade: T/W/Th, 2-3pm
  • Rising 8th-12th Grade: T/W/Th, 3-4pm

Community Workshops

Why should students have all the fun? This summer, students, families, teachers and staff will gather to create community art during workshop time. What does the Play On Philly voice sound like? How does it look? Let’s find out together. Workshops and core class content go hand-in-hand as we build toward the final showcase, featuring original student music, art work and spoken word. This summer’s virtual workshops include:

  • Instrument Hangouts
  • Poetry
  • Visual arts classes

Workshop details, dates, and times can be found on the registration page.

Performances and Special Events

Performances and Special Events

Students should also register to attend performances and special events, including:

  • Beyond POP – We invite Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Kerwin Young, prolific international concert and media composer, recording producer, multi-instrumentalist and cultural ambassador, to share his personal and musical journey with our students and invite them to think deeply about their own musical voice.
  • Faculty Recital
  • PEAC Recital
  • Summer Showcase Concert – featuring original music, artwork and poetry by POP students and families.

Find more details, dates, and times for the special events on the registration page.

Policies and Details

Calendar Overview

  • June 12th: Registration Opens
  • June 29th: Registration Closes
  • June 6th: Classes Begin
  • July 31st: Final Showcase



  • Rising 1st-4th graders: No instrumental experience required
  • Rising 5th-7th graders: Must have at least 1 year of experience playing their instrument or singing
  • Rising 8th-12th graders: Must have at least 3-4 years of experience playing their instrument or singing


Registration Fee

A one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $25 per student for all students is due upon registration. No other payments are required. (If you previously registered for in-person camp and already paid your registration fee, refer to our recent email for the coupon code).


Zoom Policies

All classes will take place in Zoom meetings, so please set up an account if you have not already done so. To provide an engaging and community-oriented learning environment, we ask students to activate their cameras during class as much as possible. For security reasons, when setting up your Zoom account, make sure to have the name of your student(s) be your username. If you have two students signing up, list both names, separated by a ‘/’. Students in classes should refrain from distracting behavior or using the Zoom application in ways other than how their teacher outlines.

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