2023-24 School Year Enrollment Page

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Basic Information

The following is general information about our Chamber programming.

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POP's Mission

Play On Philly (POP) provides underserved children in Philadelphia a transformative music education experience that develops and inspires the behaviors and personal skills needed for a successful life.

Programmatic Continuum

POP is happy to offer programming for eligible students from K-12. Throughout that time, their experience transforms and expands, moving from simpler musical experiences to playing with a whole orchestra! 

General Eligibility, Fees, & Attendance Expectations


  • Grades 8-12 with at least 2 years of playing experiences.
  • Students can come from any school in the region. This year we have students joining us from 12 different schools across Philadelphia.

If your student does not meet this criteria, please see our Summer Program page or our MAYAP page for other possible options.



Enrollment Fee

  • There is an annual enrollment fee of $130 required for each student.
  • This payment can be broken into three installments if needed, with an installment due each of the first three months (September 22nd = $50; October 20th = $40; December 1st = $40)


Attendance Policy

  • A maximum of 5 absences per session (excused or otherwise); A maximum of 3 on the same weekday (i.e. you can miss 3 Tuesdays and 2 Thursdays, but not 4 Tuesdays).

  • Consequence is lost privilege to participate in the concert that session, and reevaluation of eligibility and/or ensemble placement for the following session.

General Chamber Schedule

Students complete an average of 4 hours a week, with extra time throughout the year for combined rehearsals and concerts. 


  • General schedule:
    • Brass/Percussion T/Th
    • Woodwinds/Strings W/Th 
    • All Chamber students are required to participate two days/week.

For more a more detailed schedule, current families can log into the Family Portal

Other POP Opportunities

Marian Anderson Young Artist Program (MAYAP)

The Marian Anderson Young Artist Program supports students, also known as Anderson Artists, in their musical studies through private lessons, individual advisement, instrument loans, and college and career counseling.

To learn more, click HERE


POP Summer Program

Summers at POP are an opportunity for musical and social-emotional growth through ensemble playing and intensive group lessons, as well as other forms of creativity and expression including dance, physical fitness, and art. This is open to rising grades 1-12 and rising college freshman.

To learn more, click HERE


Please email our Chamber Program Coordinator at itaylor@playonphilly.org