Play On Philly offers a variety of music education programs for students in grades preK-12

Grades PreK-12

Music Centers

Grades 4-12

Marian Anderson Young Artist Program

Grades 6-12

POP Chamber Music Program

Grades 1-12

POP Summer Program

POP Children’s Orchestra
(Grades 1 – 12)

All enrolled instrumental students from all Music Center sites participate in a multi-level ensemble called the Play On Philly Children’s Orchestra. While all students will rehearse the same musical pieces, every part will be leveled to provide meaningful challenges to students at different stages of their musical and technical development. The Children’s Orchestra is also an opportunity for seasoned POP musicians to serve as section leaders and for younger students to push their musical limits in a supportive, communal environment.

POP Music Centers
(Grades PreK – 8)

Through our POP Music Centers, we positively impact students’ academic achievement and pro-social behavior by developing the emotional, cognitive and behavioral skills necessary for a successful life. Music Center students engage in intensive music instruction both before and after school for a total of 8 hours a week throughout the school year and six weeks of full-day instruction during the summer, totaling up to 400 hours of musical training. Students are loaned one of fourteen standard orchestral instruments at no cost and, collectively, participate in over 25 performances a year.

Marian Anderson Young Artist Program
(Grades 4 – 12)

In memory of world-renowned contralto and Philadelphia-daughter, Marian Anderson, the Marian Anderson Young Artist Program which supports students, also known as Anderson Artists, in their musical studies through private lessons, individual advisement, instrument loans, and college and career counseling.

POP Chamber Program
(Grades 6 – 12)

The POP Chamber program is designed to provide intermediate through advanced middle school and high school musicians in the Philadelphia area with intensive musical training the form of chamber ensembles. Chamber students’ experiences are enriched through masterclasses, coaching sessions, and collaborative performances with local arts non-profits and world-renowned guest artists.

Summer Music Program
(Rising Grades 1 – 12)

POP’s 6-week summer program is open to all young musicians from across Philadelphia. This full day, immersive experience provides students with consistent music instruction during the summer months. Students also participate in sports, classes in other art forms such as dance and fine-arts and, as always, have lots of opportunities to perform! College-aged students join the team as summer interns.


Meet Makayla, Alumni

“Music has given me a chance to be myself. I’m really shy and quiet but POP has given me more confidence to be more social. I’ve made friends through POP. If it weren’t for POP I wouldn’t have talked to them. People in my neighborhood stop me when I have my violin case with me, ask me questions about what I play. When they see me, they see a musician. Music gives me something to talk about.”