How We Work

Philadelphia is fortunate to have a number of music education organizations, but Play On Philly is different.

Play On Philly differs in a few key ways:

With Rigor

We provide weekly instruction throughout the school year in our Preparatory Programs and we provide intensive music instruction both before and after school for a total of 8 hours a week in our Music Centers.

With Endurance

Offering this program to students from kindergarten through 12th grade means that we can follow them throughout their academic career for long-term impact.

With Open Access

In order to join POP you do not need past experience, skills, an instrument or tuition.

With a Plan

Our team works together to create curricula and lesson plans that encourage students (and teachers!) to continually strive for the next level of skills.

With Proven Results

Since 2012, POP has prioritized program and student evaluation to produce quantifiable results. The evidence is clear that our students outperform their non-participating peers.


Meet Chastidy

“Music has helped with my confidence. My parents are immigrants from the Dominican Republic. The culture in the Dominican Republic is mostly about men going out doing things. At Play On, Philly! though, there are a lot of strong females who speak their mind. I do now, too. A boy isn’t going to hand me the medical degree I want. I’ve got to do it.”