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Student Spotlight

Friday, March 26 PEAC

Sometimes the instrument chooses you!

Meet Chloe, a PEAC harpist. She has been playing for about three and a half years. She says that she didn’t choose the harp – it chose her!

Her favorite thing to practice is solos. She says “it can be hard because not every piece is as easy as the one before and as we move forward we learn harder and more advanced music.” Some of her most fun things to play are glissandos (think angels and harps!) and playing pieces together with her friends.

Chloe’s superpower is kindness, and this is evident in the way she carries herself in her lessons and classes!

Chloe really misses seeing her friends, family, and teachers from pre-pandemic times, however, she does all sorts of things to keep herself busy. Some of these include drawing, watching anime, singing, dancing or playing a few of her favorite games: Gacha life, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Minecraft.

Chloe would love for her fellow PEAC musicians to know that she watches lots of Marvel movies so she would consider herself a HUGE Marvel fan!