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Student Spotlight

Tuesday, March 9 PEAC

Get to know Tihute!

Tihute is a violist in fourth grade and she has been playing her instrument for four years. She got interested in the viola because she wanted to play an instrument that she didn’t know much about and that was very different from the other instruments. She is now hooked, because she loves her instrument!

Tihute’s favorite thing to practice is scales, because she says they help her get better and better each day. (You are right, Tihute!) However, she does say that the hardest thing for her about practicing is knowing what to do when she doesn’t have a teacher around to help guide her and tell her what’s right or wrong.

Tihute gets lots of joy from playing music with other people. She likes to see the smiles on their faces. She particularly enjoys playing with her classmates and her teachers.

When asked what her superpower is, Tihute said that playing her instrument is her superpower – because she practices and practices every single day!

This pandemic life has Tihute missing time with her friends and family and she’s longing to play concerts in person again. (Me too, Tihute!)

In her free time, Tihute loves to go swimming and play games, go outside, and do gymnastics. She wants the other students to know about her special talent pictured below – she can hold her pinky finger in her fist! No one else in her family can do this.

Thank you, Tihute, for sharing with us this week!