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Play On, Philly! is an innovative social development program that is structured unlike many music education programs in the region. Students spend up to three hours each weekday practicing in small groups, preparing standard orchestral works, rehearsing in chamber music groups and orchestras, and honing their musical literacy skills in specially-designed creative classes. Teachers serve as role models and encourage students to develop holistically: as active musicians, helpful educators, inquisitive learners and responsible contributions. Access and excellence energize our socially-driven mission that uses music education as a vehicle for social change and life skills training.

We are happy to provide you, or your group, a tour of our program and a first-hand look into the learning and joy experienced by our students and teachers. Requests must be made at least two weeks in advance of the date you wish to visit. To request a date, e-mail us at or call 215-398-7883.

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