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Trio Cavatina Visits Play On, Philly!

Orchestral ensembles, large and small, need to listen to each other, pick up on cues and work together to sound good, which is why our young musicians at St. Francis de Sales School in West Philadelphia were all ears when Trio Cavatina, a chamber ensemble that is gaining national attention, spent time with them.

Violinist Harumi Rhodes, Cellist Priscilla Lee and Pianist Ieva Jokubavicuite appeared in concert at the Perelman Theater on Sunday, October 20, 2013 as part of the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society (PCMS) concert series and then graciously agreed to meet with our students the following morning.

The trio chose to introduce the students to the music of Leon Kirchner, a contemporary composer.  By first playing and explaining small sections, the members of the trio enabled our students to visualize the complete story and feel the emotions behind the complex piece.  The three young ladies quickly mesmerized our students with their exceptional playing which led to a lively question and answer session.

Our POP students also impressed the performers with their knowledge of musical terms and techniques like pizzicato, tremulo, col legno and flautando.  Nazir, an eighth grade bassist, surprised our guests when he asked, “When you get together to practice the first time, what do you do if you disagree on how a piece should be performed?’  Ms. Lee acknowledged that as a difficult question, and responded that sometimes they “agree to disagree.”

Since forming in 2005, Trio Cavatina has quickly gained acclaim and recently won the prestigious 2009 Naumburg International Chamber Music Competition. Play On, Philly! thanks the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society Education Department for so graciously sharing the talents of Ms. Rhodes, Ms. Lee and Ms. Jokubavicuite.

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