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DRUMLine Live Visits POP!

On Thursday, October 18, 2012, six members of the cast of the Broadway show DRUMLine Live visited Play On, Philly! at Freire Middle School. The crew had just finished a matinee performance at the Miriam Theater on Broad Street and rushed to Freire to meet POP students before they had to get back to the theater for their evening performance!

Throughout their presentation, these versatile performers emphasized attitude over ability, stressing the importance of being a team player. They explained important concepts such as listening, focusing, practicing fundamentals, playing together, and maintaining patience while working to achieve a goal. Our guests also revealed that the majority of the members of DRUMLine’s cast are multi-instrumentalists who didn’t start drumming until high school!

Next, the cast members demonstrated different segments from their actual show, including a “drum battle” in which they asked the kids to vote for who was their favorite drummer after two snare drum soloists went head to head. There was even a surprise guest performance by POP percussion teaching artist Bradley Broomfield! As the performances came to a close, questions were answered, autographs were signed, drumming was had, and smiles were infinite.

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